Black Powder

Open Black Powder Shoot

  • The third Sunday of each month.
  • Starts at 12:30 P.M. Rain or Shine.
  • Covered Benches to load from.
  • 25-50-100yd. Rifle Match
  • 25yd. Pistol Match
  • NON Reentry
  • Open sights, N.M.L.R.A. Rules
  • Muzzle loading ONLY.
  • Knife or Hawk match at the end of the shoot.
  • Groceries for prizes

For more information call: Fred Peterson 765-378-5944

BP August 1


June shoot 2018 club target 50yd. bear


25yd agg.                                  50yd.agg.

1st.bill Wheelock  94                 1st. billwheelock  79x

2nd. roy Hargrove 80                2nd. mark amick  59


25yd. pistol

1st. Wheelock  83x

2nd. mark amick  75xx


Club target  for May 25yd. crow

25yd.agg.                                              50yd.agg.

1st.fred Peterson     59                          1st. roy Hargrove        53x

2nd. roy Hargrove    58                          2nd. josh hiday           48

3rd. josh hiday         22                          3rd. mark amick          35

4th.gerald jones       41                          4th.fred Peterson        23

5th. mark amick        32                         5th. Gerald jones        16


100yd                                                    25yd. pistol

1st. rennea hutton18                            1st. mark amick          87

2nd. fred Peterson  9                            2nd. roy Hargrove      74

3rd. roy Hargrove    6                           3rd. Gerald jones       74

                                                             4th. josh hiday           71

                                                             5th. scott mc manigell  70

25yd. ladies 1st. rennea hutton  23