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We’re glad you found us!  For membership information contact: Ann Taylor

 FCVCC New Member Packet 3-23-18

FCVCC General Range Rules

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October Newsletter is out!

2018 OCTOBER newsletter

Our NRA instructors offer NRA Basic Firearms classes in Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Muzzleloading Rifle, Muzzleloading Pistol, Muzzleloading Shotgun, Reloading in Metallic and Shotshell, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and Home Firearms Safety.

Three of our instructors hold the NRA Training Councilor rating and they can offer the classes on becoming a Certified NRA instructor in all the NRA disciplines. They also hold the rating of Chief Range Safety Officer and can teach classes for becoming a NRA Range Safety Officer.

Tim Rayn conducts the IDNR Hunters Safety Education class in the spring and the fall. For information please contact Tim Rayn (765)620-6289

Updated Class Guidelines:

To sign up for our Hunters Safety Education Classes at Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club, you need to do so ONLINE. This class goes thru the state website for online registration. Here is how you register for the Hunters Safety Education Class. Go to:


Select:  View upcoming event

Scroll down to: Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club

Select:  View Event

Go To: Register Now

National Wildlife Federation Conservation Service Chairman’s Award 1990

NRA Presidents Award 1993, 1994, 2002

Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program #6858

2002 NRA Outstanding Club Award

President: Steve Bemish (765)621-3642

Vice President: Keith Linzy (765)425-4446

Secretary: Ann Taylor

Women’s Activities: Aletha Brunner (765)683-1777

For Members information : Contact Ann Taylor

There have been some changes on the Board of Directors since the game dinner in November.

The Board of Directors consists of 2 groups: the Trustees and the Executive Board.

Here are your members currently serving on the FCVCC Board:


(Area of Responsibility: grounds & maintenance)
Board Chair – Aletha Brunner
2nd Chair – Blair Chaplin
3rd Chair – Josh Smith
4th Chair – Al Crandall
5th Chair – Ann Taylor


(Area of Responsibility: administration & operation)
President – Steve Bemish
Vice President – Keith Lindzy
Treasurer – Diana Smith
Secretary – Karen O’Neill
Recording Secretary – Evan Broderick